July 25, 2015

IC1318a (the most interesting part), July 24, 2015

We are blessed with clear-ish skies on a weekend with a quarter moon, which works for narrowband.  IC1318a is near the star Sadr in Cygnus, a prominent summer constellation.  I've shot this object before, but I've a goal to shoot OIII and SII this time, also, and make a color frame of it.  The star at the center of the frame is HD194789, a type B star about 1,050 light years away.

Telescope: Astro-Tech AT111EDT and William Optics AFR-IV (eff. f/5.6)
Camera and Exposure: SXVF-H9 (Ha 20x1200"); Alnitak Flat-man flats
Filter(s): Astronomik 6nm Ha
Guiding: SX Lodestar and SX OAG
Mount: Takahashi NJP
Software: Nebulosity, PHD, Maxim DL, Photoshop CS3
Location: The Woodlands, TX