December 25, 2008

North America Nebula & Pelican Reprocess

These frames were taken on the night of July 31-August 1, and I posted an earlier version here. But we have now had 21 straight cloudy days and nights! My photon deprived mind has begun scheming for ways to see the sky (we did have five minutes of partial clearing last night, and one could catch glimpses of Sirius through the clouds now and then, but mostly I was wrapping presents all night (little kids like everything to be wrapped, even if it's just a piece of candy)). One way to see stars is to reprocess old images. The earlier version of this set had a satellite or something fly through one sub-image. This version lacks that frame and takes advantage of better software and five months more experience. Open cluster M39 is in the upper left corner, and several other deep sky wonders are glimpsable between the stars. If you have a good chart, you can do some observing here! This image is a crop from a stack of 1-minute exposures with the Canon 400D and a 50mm f/1.8 lens stopped down to f/3.2.

December 1, 2008

Luna Venus Jupiter Conjunction (12-01-08)

Taken with the XTi and a 50mm lens from downtown Houston (at sunset, the most daylit image) and later in The Woodlands, TX.