December 9, 2019

NGC 896 Hubble Palette (Nov. & Dec. 2019)

I was able to collect SII, so here is a version in Hubble palette.  This is now 11/8/10x1800" in Ha/O3/S2, for a total of 14.5 hours of exposure.  Taken with the SXVF-H9 through Astronomik filters through a Baader MPCC Mk II and Synta-ONTC Newtonian telescope, guided on a Takahashi NJP.

November 27, 2019

NGC 896, the Fishhead Nebula in H-a and O3 (Nov. 2019)

This is a two-color with a synthetic green channel added.  To the H-a below, I added 8x1800" in O3.  Telescope was the 203mm Synta-ONTC Newtonian at f/4.95.  Camera was the SXVF-H9.

November 21, 2019

Comet 2017T2 Panstarrs on 11-16-2019 from 9:22-9:46 UTC

This is 20 minutes through an Astronomik CLS filter on Comet 2017T2 Panstarrs early in the morning of 11-16-2019.  The comet appeared in the constellation Auriga.  The brighter stars in the upper left are from Collinder 62, an open cluster the comet appeared to be passing.  Frames were taken with the SXVF-H9 and the 203mm Synta-ONTC Newtonian telescope at f/4.95.  The movie shows the comet moving among the stars during the 20 minutes of filming.  The lower image shows the comet frozen with the stars moving as streaks.  The point of the lower image is to show the extent of the comet's tale, which is not as visible in the movie.

November 19, 2019

NGC 896, the Fishhead Nebula (also IC 1795) (Nov. 2019)

11x1800" with the SXVF-H9 through the Synta-ONTC Newtonian telescope at f/4.95, Astronomik 6nm Ha filter, Baader MPCC (II). 

November 11, 2019

Cave Nebula, Hubble Palette (Oct.-Nov. 2019)

With the S2, we are now at 8, 9, 9 x 1800" for Ha, O3, S2, so 13 hours total.  Taken with the SXVF-H9 through the Synta-ONTC Newtonian telescope at f/4.95.

October 31, 2019

Cave Nebula Bi-color (Oct. 2019)

I was able to add 9x1800" in O3 to the 8x1800" I have in H-alpha.  The two were combined to create a synthetic green channel, then O3 was assigned to B and H-alpha to R.  The subframes were taken with the SXVF-H9 through my Synta-ONTC Newtonian telescope.

October 19, 2019

Cave Nebula, H-alpha (Oct. 2019)

This is 8x1800" with the Synta-ONTC 203mm Newtonian at f/4.95 and the SXVF-H9, through a 6nm Astronomik H-alpha filter.  This target is very dim.  It could use 12 hours, I suppose.  Nice area, though.  Actually none of this field is merely black sky; it is all covered with faint nebulosity.